Wondering when is it time to hire managed IT service support from a Houston IT service provider like Bluewire Tech? Well, if you’re a business owner, the answer is… ‘Sooner than later’.  Running a small business can be extremely satisfying, but it comes with more than its fair share of stress. It takes time, energy, money, and resources to ensure things are consistently running smoothly.

If large portions of your time and resources are going towards fixing common tech problems rather than running the business, that’s when it’s time to look into managed IT services. Moreover, when these network IT system issues arise, it’s significantly better and less stressful to be in a “proactive” position, where help is readily available, rather than in a “reactive” position.

Most small business owners don’t believe they have a large enough budget to hire an entire team of dedicated tech experts. They may think they’re saving money by keeping their personnel list short; however, the reality is, they’re likely losing money due to lost time, and/or the fees that are required in calling an IT provider to come in and fix issues when something goes wrong. In circumstances like these, ongoing managed services and support can provide exactly the kind of help that’s needed, and provide at a reasonable cost.

A variety of managed IT service support packages are available to meet any budget, starting with basic monitoring services, to more comprehensive services that offer problem resolutions, as well as alerts and monitoring. Most small companies are surprised to find that at least one or two of these service packages may be worth allocating in their budgets, and that long-term savings is possible.

Growing businesses can also benefit from managed services. They may have one dedicated IT professional on staff who monitors their systems, keeps everything up to date, works on priority projects, and addresses any problems that may arise. This can be a lot of responsibility delegated to one employee. Even a highly-experienced IT professional can easily become overwhelmed. So, in cases like these, it’s best to consider the dedicated managed IT services of Bluewire Tech.


Ultimately, any business, regardless of size, truly can benefit from outsourcing a portion or all their IT services to a dedicated provider. Managed services provide consistent and preventative maintenance, as well as problem resolution. This equates to savings of both time and money, and even stress. More and more Houston business owners are learning how to benefit from outsourcing managed IT services support. It’s now your turn; call 346-800-3199 today.