Technology Consulting & Due Diligence

IT Consulting & Due Diligence Services from Bluewire

Bluewire can conduct technical support for a variety of purposes; and we provide consultation services to Houston companies to assist them even during the decision-making and acquisition processes, as they consider new technology. When a company needs to know how its current IT infrastructure is functioning, or when help is needed, Bluewire is there. Read on to learn about Bluewire’s due diligence and IT consultation services.

Reviewing Architecture

A technology consulting evaluation investigates the viability and strength of existing solutions; as well as, assesses the business’ choice in technology, the use of patterns and frameworks, and the adequacy with which the current design addresses functional requirements.

Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

The goal of TDD, or technical due diligence, is to identify how well the target company’s tech assets meet the buyer’s goals. With due diligence, a company can assign an accurate value to its assets, and they can identify IP (intellectual property) risks. Due diligence from Bluewire can support a business during the post-acquisition and merger processes.

Due Diligence in IT

Today, most companies’ IT applications and infrastructure are crucial parts of business operations. Due diligence can reveal problems and issues that may result in added costs after a merger is finalized. Effective IT consulting from Bluewire can help companies uncover issues such as:

  • Runaway and failed development projects and other contingent liabilities
  • End-of-life and unsupported systems
  • Inadequate data security
  • IT organization and integration issues
  • Future opportunities built into the target company’s IT infrastructure

Bluewire’s expert consultants understand infrastructure, custom-built IT applications, tech and operational strategy, and risk-defined controls in growing middle-market companies. The company prides itself on providing sellers and buyers with strategic advice that gives them a greater understanding of how to leverage the target organization’s IT assets.