The Importance of the Data Center to Houston Businesses

A data center or server farm has been called the brain of the business. It stores, processes, and distributes the data belonging to the business. An on-premise data center, however, is not only expensive to maintain, but can also be a serious security vulnerability. It’s exposed to fires, floods, and other environmental, external, and internal threats.

Today, small to mid-sized businesses are the prime targets of cyber attacks. Professional data center and cloud management services can be critical in preventing a catastrophic revenue loss or business shutdown. Hybrid data centers can be vital in protecting your data.

Data Centers in the Cloud 

Hybrid data centers incorporate a physical data center, as well as a public or private cloud service. The projections and statistics are astonishing.

  • Cisco expects that both data center traffic and cloud traffic within data centers will triple or quadruple by 2019. Cloud applications and services should make up 83% of global data center services worldwide.
  • Cloud models have been adopted by 50% of organizations
  • Currently, about 85% of enterprises make use of some cloud services, with most choosing a hybrid solution. Cloud-based software applications or SaaS (software as a service) constituted the first wave. It’s convenient and economical to have employees use licensed software hosted in the cloud.
  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) are becoming increasingly commonplace. Businesses mix-and-match services to meet their needs.

CAMS Bluewire is a leading IT service provider in Houston. Our fully compliant data farm servers are housed in a building rated to 215 mph with FM-200 fire suppression, high-density cooling and power. Your data is protected with multi-level security and on-site personnel. Any data footprint can be accommodated.

Call CAMS Bluewire at 346-800-3199 to discuss the IT services that would benefit your business and keep things running smoothly. Discover for yourself how our enhancement of utilizing data centers with cloud services has proven invaluable to many of our clients.