Company Overview

…Bluewire is not your average group of technologist

The History of Bluewire

In 2001, Bluewire Technology was founded by Jimmy Wyble and Travis Williams, two life-long friends who shared the desire to become entrepreneurs. Timing could not have been worse, the dot com crash had the market in a state of upheaval, businesses were failing, and global events caused a major slow-down in technology spending. Despite the challenges in the market, Bluewire was off and running, acquiring an initial client list of financial institutions, equity groups, logistics companies and various small sales and services companies in the Houston area.

With focus on providing ‘one stop shop’ technology services, the company rapidly established a ‘we can get that done’ reputation. Bluewire designed infrastructures for startup businesses, relocated countless companies, serviced hundreds of end-user systems and servers, managed networks, implemented enterprise applications, and provided clients 24X7 availability. The company had become what the clients needed- an expert group with technology, who actually cared about the businesses it supported. Over time, the technology achievements of Bluewire had significant, positive impact on the clients’ financial bottom line, and people took notice.

In the Spring of 2007, Bluewire was asked to climb a proverbial mountain. A group of power generation executives had recently formed an asset management and operations maintenance services company, and engaged Bluewire to provide technology services for their new endeavor. The first task was to completely divest the entire technology infrastructure of four power generation facilities from a major utility company. Although a significant undertaking that included specialized power generation technologies, the project was fully scoped, managed, and executed successfully by the Bluewire team in 90 days start to finish. The end result was a total separation from the facility’s previous owners, and an entirely new core infrastructure located in Houston, all four facilities tied together with the Houston based systems through advanced networking and a completely new suite of energy production specific systems. The project was completed on time and within budget. Again, people took notice.

Later that year, the management team and owners of Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS) proposed an acquisition of Bluewire Technology. The idea was to add a technology function within CAMS, and subsequently CAMS Bluewire Technology, LLC. was formed. Since then our growth has been phenomenal; and today, we are known as simply Bluewire. Our client’s span from coast to coast, and the Bluewire team has grown to become a leading provider of technology services nationwide.

We are not your average group of technologist. When asked “what does Bluewire do?” our response is ‘we design, install, manage, maintain, and repair any technology – if you plug it in to a power outlet and it computes, we work on it’. Our experience goes well beyond building out servers and updating workstations. We have worked with the technology utilized in every type of business, from Nuclear facilities to auction houses; and from financial institutions to gas pipeline companies. We have helped companies recover data from system failures, we’ve re-built infrastructures lost in natural disasters, we’ve performed due-diligence for fortune 100 companies, and we’ve earned our client’s trust along the way. Your business technology is far too important to leave in the hands of a geek, it’s time to engage the professionals.