Did you know that hosted anti-virus service solutions for company networks offer the best protection against hackers and corporate cyber-attacks? With each passing year, hackers become more astute in finding ways to compromise your data network systems. This situation can be quite unsettling these days, as businesses of all sizes can be targeted for attack. Is your network security prepared to withstand this growing threat?

No Business Network Systems Is Immune

Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, was badly crippled by a cyber-attack in 2015. For a while, they had to dust off and use those old typewriters after hackers had successfully gained control of their network. Today, they’re still recuperating and taking extra precautions to protect their system with superior hosted anti-virus service solutions; proving that no business, great or small, is immune to cyber threats or successful attacks.

Hackers Only Need to be Smarter Than Your Network Security

Hackers don’t have to be skilled, and most aren’t. Many simply buy black-market hacking software that’s good enough to penetrate an inadequately protected network system. If your Houston business relies on ineffective and unreliable network security services, you too could be at risk. Unfortunately, small businesses are a primary target for hackers.

Why Use Managed IT Services

For businesses that turn to professional hosted anti-virus service solutions from expert IT service providers like CAMS Bluewire, there is a peace in knowing that a corporate system is consistently monitored and protected. Elite IT service providers understand that:

  • A lower case six-character password could be cracked in ten minutes or less.
  • In the past 12 months, more than 7 out of 10 businesses reported successful hacks.
  • Ransomware attacks are becoming more malicious by offering victims a reprieve if they successfully infect two new systems.
  • Hackers consistently fenagle insiders to gain access to business networks.
  • Vendors and customers become weak links as hackers target and modify purchase orders and payment delivery systems.

Be Proactive in Obtaining Hosted Anti-Virus Services

Most Houston companies wait until it’s too late to protect their network system. It’s time to become proactive about protecting your business and sensitive corporate data. CAMS Bluewire provides service solutions that will work for you, including:

  • Defense against threats with the utilization of a single web-based management console that protects company endpoint systems.
  • Use of advanced technologies for antivirus, firewall, antispyware, and host intrusion prevention.
  • Consistent automatic security updates through systematic notifications over an internet connection.
  • Ensuring employee systems stay current whether workers are in or away from the office.
  • Provision of storage, system management, and security to assist with managing and securing vital company information.
  • Value- we provide lower maintenance costs and predictable subscription fees that can reduce upfront corporate expenses.


At CAMS Bluewire, we are committed to providing comprehensive cyber security protection through premier hosted anti-virus services. And as a leading IT service provider in Houston, our dedicated team is focused on tracking and resolving problems long before they become emergencies. Call us at 346-800-3199 to get started!