Recent events have only served to underscore the importance of cyber security and hosted antivirus protection for today’s business owners. Ransomware has the potential to cripple businesses regardless of their size, which suggests businesses must evaluate their current virus program to ensure it’s providing a maximum level of protection. If you’re unsure whether your current level of security is adequate, it’s time to take a closer look at ransomware and other viruses and who they impact the most.

Understanding Ransomware

While all viruses are inconvenient and threaten a company’s operations, ransomware is especially insidious. Typical viruses tend to interrupt operations and require a significant effort to eradicate, but ransomware goes a step further. Ransomware locks computers and demands funds (generally in Bitcoins since they’re virtually untraceable) to restore the data. That level of intrusion can cause anywhere from a relatively minor inconvenience for an organization to a complete shutdown of operations.

You’re the Target

The hackers today don’t discriminate – they will attack any company that’s vulnerable. In many cases, companies are not taking advantage of hosted antivirus protection and have not adequately updated any virus software they may have. Average companies frequently sacrifice some services in the hope they’ll trim costs by doing so. In the case of hosted services, that’s generally ill-advised, as most businesses simply don’t have the expertise to protect themselves in-house.

Avoiding Ransomware & Other Malware Attacks

There are several strategies for avoiding recovery costs associated with malware attacks. First, a professional IT service provider will recommend you back up everything often. Having complete backup files negates the threat of ransomware, as the files on the affected computers can simply be replaced with those backups. Next, educate yourself and your staff to avoid suspicious emails and links. That’s not always easy, however, so it’s also important to be proactive and take advantage of hosted antivirus protection.

Of course, nothing is ever simple, and each company will have unique needs when it comes to protecting their IT network systems. Whether a system is extensive or modest really doesn’t matter, as there are strategy IT service providers, like CAMS Bluewire, that will recommend and provide the needed virus protection. For immediate help and information about protecting your business network and data systems with hosted antivirus services, contact a CAMS Bluewire expert at 346-800-3199.