It would be hard to imagine running a business today without a computer system, let alone the necessary IT services, be it from a professional provider or on your own. Almost every aspect of your business relies on technology in some way. On top of that, there is a lot that can go wrong from time to time—network problems, security issues, updates and backups, hardware, software, IT staffing, and so on. The reason for this is due to the unwavering fact that information technology constantly changes and advances forward much faster than we can keep up.

Computer Systems – the Challenge and the Solution

Small to mid-sized Houston businesses face special challenges when their system goes down. Normal hardware and software malfunctions are hard enough to deal with without IT services. Ransom attacks are increasing, with the capability of keeping a system down for weeks. Calling in a service tech who is unfamiliar with your system is like picking a surgeon at random to perform lifesaving surgery. He may or may not be able to resolve the problem; furthermore, you’ve spent a lot of money in the process of learning that.

The solution that many smart businesses apply is managed IT services. Outsourcing 24/7 managed IT support for your company’s network system is a cost-effective solution for improved business operations.

Ways that Managed IT Services and Support Saves Both Time and Money…

  • Save Time: 24/7 monitoring will prevent most small problems from ever developing into major catastrophes. You and your employees won’t be sitting around waiting for a freelance technician to show up to fix the problem; a managed services provider will work on the issue immediately. Maximize this time-saving service benefit by having regular meetings with your managed service provider to review past problems and discuss recommendations for improvements.
  • Protection from Cybercriminals: Surveys have found that most small businesses have inadequate security measures. The U.S. is the target of more cyber-attacks than any other nation, and the threat increases daily. Professional anti-virus software, firewalls, web content filtering software, and other measures will be used to protect invaluable data from hackers. They want to steal confidential data and drain your bank account, blackening your reputation and brand. Managed services can save your business from losing everything.
  • Easy to Budget: For one low monthly price, you receive the IT services you need, versus paying a large sum for a 1-time quick fix service that may not have guarantees.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Regular maintenance keeps everything running smoothly. Waiting to fix it when it breaks is the most expensive way to manage a computer system.
  • Secure Backups: Rest easy knowing that data is always safely backed up, and you won’t have to be the one doing it.


At Bluewire (, we believe in letting our results speak for themselves. Client testimonials prove we are customer service driven and consistent in delivering excellence. Contact one of our IT experts for a free Network Health Check, and have a chat about how we can provide your business with managed IT services and support. You deserve some peace of mind; call 346-800-3199.