Providing MORE for New Start-Up Companies than just IT Services

Bluewire has developed a program for startups that allows new business owners to convert their IT needs from a capital expenditure into an operating expenditure. The result is that new business owners can stretch their startup budget and gain access to enterprise level solutions without the large capital outlay of purchasing all of the needed software and equipment.

Bluewire’s start-up program also allows new business owners the freedom to pay for IT services as they go, and reinvest the leftover capital normally spent on IT into other areas of the company to generate revenue. With this model, new business owners are able to keep their IT budget very linear and predicable, while also learning to appropriately leverage the use of business resources that support future sustainability and growth.

In today’s world of innovative technologies and advancements, that are ever-changing, your IT infrastructure is not only important, it mandates the very level of success that your company will eventually see. This is why Bluewire is able to provide new companies with customized IT infrastructure and support systems specifically designed to help produce the level of success needed for their business.

Our host of Managed IT Support Service offerings provides dependable and flexible solutions to start-up companies, along with our ‘Customer Service Driven’ personal support, that assures clients that we are literally there for them.

Regardless of the type of industry that your new company supports, Bluewire has an extensive range of capabilities from: Hardware & Software, and Virtualization sales products, to Managed IT Services Support, and various automated Hosting Services. We are available to provide new business owners with more than just basic IT services.

We provide new business owners with:

  • Various IT Support packages
  • Managed IT Services Only
  • Various Hosted Services
  • FREE Network Health Checks
  • Data Storage Services
  • Data Center & Cloud Services
  • Hardware & Software
  • Virtualization Services
  • On-Premise Telephony or Hosted Telephony
  • Personal, On-Going, and Unlimited Support
  • FREE Consultations & Education
  • Remote Access & Onsite Services
  • In-House Data Center
  • Broadband and much more!

Bluewire offers unlimited technical support 24×7 to Apple / Mac iOS and OSX desktops, PC’s, OSX and Final Cut Servers, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and all networked devices. Our IT support service collects and tracks real-time data on every device to help ensure that your business doesn’t experience any unexpected downtime, or costly repair fees. Our expert technical support team quickly provides rapid solutions to your issues, and automatically tracks progress for your orders for your convenience and our service records. We can help resolve any issue once you are set up; be it on-site, or remotely.

We currently service the following industries: Energy, Legal Firms, Accounting & CPA Firms, Non-Profits, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Service Industries. However, we are not limited to these industries; contact our service team and allow us the opportunity to hear about your Start-up Company and consult with you on how we can help you succeed.

If data security is essential for your startup company, and professional management of that data is equally essential, then you need to contact us today and learn how we can be of service. Call us today at 832-699-9950, or email us at [email protected].

We want to help your business grow!

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