Microsoft has big 2017 plans for Office 365, as they plan to release new features every month to companies using managed IT services from Bluewire Tech. When reviewing the list of in-development features, business owners will surely find a few to like, such as those listed below. It’s time to Get in the Know about Office 365!

Real-Time Translation and Transcription of Skype Meeting Broadcasts

Within Skype for Business is an application called Meeting Broadcast that allows businesses to hold and broadcast conferences to wider audiences. With the new feature, companies can automate the sharing of closed-captioned transcripts from an audience meeting. The viewer can choose to have transcripts translated into German, simplified Chinese, Spanish, or English, which allows the business owner to broadcast to a wider audience.

Support for Bitcoin Currency

For 2017, MS Excel will have the ability to analyze, calculate, format, and recognize Bitcoin currency amounts. This new feature will be available on systems running Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, including Excel Mobile.

Conditional Access Rules for Apps and Locations

As Office 365’s collaborative aspects continue to flourish, an IT service provider Houston becomes more concerned about the security of the application. To answer those concerns, Microsoft is adding new admin features to Office 365, including the capability to establish a policy limiting access to apps depending on location. There may be other options to limit app access based on users and their permission statuses.

Improvements for OneNote Collaboration

OneNote will receive a significant amount of attention from MS developers in the coming year. One of the application’s most beneficial uses is collaboration, and Microsoft is promoting it heavily. In furthering those efforts, there will be several new features that make it easier and simpler to transfer access controls between staff members.

IT Maintenance and Support is Important Even with Managed Services

Though many business owners believe that moving Office into the cloud eliminates the responsibilities of maintenance and support, that is simply not true. Oftentimes, failure to accurately manage the new environment can cause significant workplace disruptions. With all the advantages listed here, it’s no wonder that many Houston area businesses are relying on Bluewire’s 24/7 managed services to handle Office maintenance work.

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