Voice over IP (VoIP) is an excellent technology, which enables businesses to make inexpensive and free calls globally and locally. It offers various other enhancements and advantages over conventional telephony as well. Companies do not need to obtain a VoIP system themselves, because they can pay for hosted telephony services on a monthly basis. This is similar to the telephone services you receive from PSTN line telecoms, and the Internet services that Internet Service Providers offer. These hosted telephony services are favored by small businesses, due to their flexibility and affordability.

Typically, VoIP business services are centered on IP PBXes and internal networks. One such example is Bluewire Voice, which runs on most operating systems. This service is compatible with SIP trunks, VoIP Gateways, and SIP standard IP Phones too. As a software based service, Bluewire Voice can be managed and installed easily by IT administrators, with no requirement for specialized telecom expertise.

This service features clients for Windows and Mac laptops, as well as Smartphones. This means that you can use your office extension, regardless of your location. Every call you make to your office is free, and your staff can use one number, which creates a professional image.

Companies in the Greater Houston Area that use Bluewire Voice have been able to lower their telephone expenses by as much as eighty percent. This is achieved by leveraging WebRTC, SIP trunks, free calls to offices and remote extensions, and using fewer fixed telephony lines. Furthermore, the CRM integration feature offered gives agents the name of a customer, instead of a number.

There is no comparison between a conventional telephone system and a VoIP software based PBX system. If your business is not using a hosted telephony service, you are missing out. Incorporating VoIP into your business will not just give you a new telephone system, it will add more versatility and quality to your organization.

If nothing else, the primary reason to use Bluewire’s hosted telephony service is the dramatic reduction of communication expenses. This service gives you the edge over your competitors, allowing you to deliver fantastic customer service and boost the productivity of your workforce. Call us today at 832-699-9950.