Small business owners face unique challenges, and one of the biggest is maintaining a level playing field on a lower budget. Free antivirus options make it difficult for some companies to make the switch to managed solutions; however, no-cost software only works for the smallest of businesses. In observance of October’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, this blog serves as a resource to help business owners learn the truth about the disadvantages of free, unmanaged antivirus solutions, and how an experienced IT company, like Bluewire Technology, can help.

The Drawbacks of Unmanaged Antivirus Solutions

While unmanaged antivirus software can be helpful for small businesses on a tight budget, it only works when it is activated and updated regularly. In many cases, definition updates are slower in getting to systems using free versions of antivirus programs. Individual users can turn off the protection, uninstall it, or turn off automatic updates, which makes the software useless. Even in companies with policies limiting online activity, employee support is necessary. Every worker must be trained on the importance of antivirus software and online safety, and paying for such training can be a considerable expense for a small business owner.

Managed Antivirus Offers Complete Protection

The difference between free and hosted anti-virus is relatively straightforward. While free software can easily be manipulated, managed solutions remove control from end users. To disable or uninstall the software, a password is required. Definition updates are automatically downloaded, and the software creates an inventory of assets and installed programs. This inventory adds value to the managed services model, and it can easily be converted into spreadsheet form. IT support can centralize the security process, making everyone’s job easier.

What’s the Catch?

When products are vastly superior to other offerings, a potential buyer’s instinct is to look for a catch. However, managed antivirus solutions have no real disadvantages. While they come with a minimal cost, the benefits more than justify the expense. Managed services providers usually bill on a per-license basis, which means the user pays for each machine receiving coverage. Before making a cost-based purchase decision, customers should compare the price of a license fee with the cost of virus removal and data recovery. For businesses with more than five computers, managed IT services can provide reliable, always-on cyber security for every user, every time.

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