When inventor Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call on March 10, 1876, he could never have envisioned VOIP Phone Systems of today. Today’s telephony IT service and VoIP systems are completely different than the device Bell used. Compared to the legacy systems they’re intended to replace, these systems are more accessible and better at bringing far-flung workforces together. Below, are three impressions we believe Mr. Bell would have regarding today’s hosted telephony IT service that has changed the business world.

Greater Accessibility

Cloud telephony and managed IT services have completely changed business phone systems. Not only have they changed the way workers get things done, they have changed the way those workers see and use the systems. Tasks that used to take weeks can now be done in minutes with a 3CX phone system. For instance, when a new employee is hired, an administrator can set up a phone line with just a few steps. With per-employee customization options, business phone systems are easier to use and more accessible.

Increased Mobility

In the decades following Bell’s invention of the telephone, employees were forced to wait hours for important phone calls to come through. However, with modern telephony IT service, business owners, sales staff, real estate agents, and other professionals can take calls anywhere and at any time. With advanced routing options, an employee can receive and make calls whether they’re working on-site or from home, and callers will never know the person to whom they are talking is not in the office.

Office Unity

With cloud-based telephony services come unified communications. Businesses no longer need separate numbers for desk phones, mobile phones, and fax machines. Modern platforms allow users to make calls from their mobile devices, at any time, and from any place, without revealing their personal phone number. All the customer sees, is the office’s phone number. Additional features such as business SMS allow users to talk via text messaging. Whether a user needs to offer a quote to a car buyer or order take-out for an office lunch, cloud telephony from an IT service provider, like CAMS Bluewire in Houston, allows users to access and utilize all forms of office communication and remain unified in their common business goals.


Telecommunications have come a long way since Mr. Bell placed that first call to Mr. Watson in 1876. Today’s cloud-based telephone and IT services allow workers and executives to do their jobs from anywhere there’s an internet connection and bring diverse workforces together. Connect with CAMS Bluewire today to get started. Call 346-800-3199 to speak with a sales professional.