The primary difference between traditional phone systems and hosted telephony is not as much a functional difference as it is a question of hardware. While traditional phones use on-site technology, this revolutionary telecommunications system is hosted exclusively online. Online hosting by a managed IT services provider like Bluewire Technology, confers several advantages over a traditional PBX system. Below are just three of the ways that a cloud-hosted telephony system can help steam-line your business communications.

#1 Cost Efficiency

Many businesses already require an extensive IT staff to keep necessary technologies running smoothly. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of a company’s phone system can take some of the burden off overworked IT departments and remove some of the responsibility for providing expensive repairs. This can help managers avoid hiring additional personnel and purchasing additional equipment, saving the company time and money. While switching over to a new traditional telecommunications system typically requires a large initial investment, hosted telephony systems can typically be installed using existing technologies and internet connections.

#2 Increased Versatility

More traditional systems rely on expensive networks of hardwired telephones. A cloud-hosted system, in comparison, is accessible from a wide variety of devices. This allows employees to integrate multiple devices from any location. It also allows the sharing of video and data files over the same system as voice data. Most providers of third-party voice hosting charge by the user on a monthly basis, allowing companies to pay only for the services they require. If new workers are hired, they can be easily integrated into the communications system on a temporary or permanent basis as needed. This often proves particularly useful for growing businesses, as the monthly user fee for hosted telephony pales in comparison to the cost associated with upgrading hardwired phone systems.

#3 Reliability and Disaster Recovery

Cloud-hosted communications systems are more reliable, ensuring clear reception and better quality sound, meaning the delays and dropped calls associated with traditional networks will be a thing of the past. While traditional phone communications are prone to going down in events such as storms and power outages, often leading to lost information and angry clients, online communications are not hosted on-site and thus will not be affected by local issues.

Forward-thinking professionals need to realize that hardwired phones are a thing of the past. Making the switch now will ensure that your company is able to take full advantage of future technological advances. For more information, or to get started with hosted telephony for the New Year, call Bluewire today at 346-800-3199.