If you haven’t learned about the benefits of Office 365™ and other managed IT services for your business, it’s time to get informed. Businesses of all sizes are facing a growing challenge: doing more with less. To that end, they must stay in touch with customers, focus on what makes them different, and become more adaptable than their competitors. Office 365 can help businesses achieve goals with plentiful features, a low upfront cost, and a familiar experience. Users have a seamless productivity experience across browsers and devices that’s geared toward work now, and in the future. Below are 4 key reasons to start benefiting from the newest of Microsoft® Office plans, and see increased daily productivity for your business in 2017.

Reason #1 – One Stop Shopping

CAMS Bluewire Technology is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, meaning we can consult, sell, and support all your Office 365 needs. Don’t be fooled by lesser priced 365 plans that increase to a more expensive plan after one year. Our pricing is always the least expensive you will find; and, we support Office in house, so you will never have to call anyone to get issues resolved if they occur.

Reason #2 – Prioritization of Security and Privacy Needs

With Office 365, users get enhanced security with data centers, antivirus, and antispam protection. Enterprise-level security is built in, and business data is not used for advertising purposes. Microsoft has invested significant resources in providing secure data services, and the architecture for business services is separate from that of consumers. 365 has an ironclad approach to customer data usage that makes it easier for businesses to control their information.

Reason #3 – It’s Simple to Learn

One of the biggest advantages of Office 365 is the absence of a learning curve. If a business’ productivity tools have existed within the Office realm, the user can expect few to no problems during the switch from the desktop to the cloud version. The user experience is virtually the same with both versions, but the cloud route comes with additional benefits that outweigh the limited functionality. A professional IT service provider will setup your plan and help manage system maintenance and updates.

Reason #4 – Help is Available as Needed

Most business owners know they don’t have the money or time to withstand a severe disruption. Thankfully, CAMS Bluewire Technology is just a call away to mitigate the kind of assistance you need.  Regardless of your business size or level of need, different package versions provide various ways to gain access and support the moment a need arises.

CAMS Bluewire Technology, and our IT support team, help businesses make the switch from an on-site or hosted email solution, to a suitable Office 365 package. We ensure smoothness of conversion while maintaining business-critical functions. With help, businesses can leverage Microsoft’s productivity tools within the organization to save both time and money. Call Bluewire today at 346-800-3199.