Want to know why hosted antivirus services have become so important these days? Just as web usage and email have become a universal form of business communications between employees, managers, vendors, and prospective customers, what has also become more prevalent are disruptions such as spam, viruses, spyware, and phishing.  In addition to these threats, increasing industry and government oversight have put more pressure on companies to secure electronic communications. To combat threats and remain in compliance with increasingly high regulatory demands, companies are seeking comprehensive security solutions. Below are several reasons companies should consider moving to a hosted antivirus solution.

Quickly Regain Control of Systems

Unlike a subscription-based software model which puts pressure on the end user to allow the program to fulfill its purpose, a managed antivirus solution is implemented by a trusted technology partner. With so many unmanaged choices, end users can easily uninstall, turn off or override the software, thus exposing critical systems to a variety of attacks. However, managed systems stop this by preventing such actions or asking for an admin username and password.

A Centralized Solution for a Quick Response

With many companies working from multiple locations, an IT service provider Houston often has to coordinate IT security in different places. A managed antivirus solution not only offers strong support, it gives a centralized view of the company and its tech assets. Intrusions are instantly apparent, giving the company a chance to react and therefore limit damage. With support from outside experts trained to handle intrusions, companies can quickly remove viruses and restore network security.

Tech Support

Managed cyber protection eases the strain on in-house IT teams by offering a professionally operated security solution for the enterprise. It can reduce companies’ reliance on employees to follow security and safety rules, as most are built into the software. By reducing uncertainty and making the system foolproof, companies can enjoy a higher level of security.

Protection Against the Newest Threats

Unlike unmanaged solutions, managed data security solutions, like those available from Bluewire Technology, can help business owners ensure that critical systems are protected from the newest threats. With unmanaged software, updates are sometimes delayed, leaving tech infrastructure vulnerable to attack. However, with hosted antivirus solutions, business owners can be assured that their antivirus protection is always up to date.

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