Has your business added IT network health check to the to-do list or calendar? Putting off an annual spring network health check is like neglecting routine maintenance on your car or air conditioning system. Small and easily fixed issues will develop into major problems unless proactive measures are taken. The good news is that professional IT service providers, like CAMS Bluewire, offer FREE assessments when checking the status of your business network system.

The Link Between Network Security and Network Health

Network slowdowns or crashes affect your bottom line and can kill productivity. Malware and viruses are escalating, with a record number of cyber-attacks projected for 2017. Viruses and malware can linger, steadily degrading overall performance. Workstations, laptops, and servers all need high quality and up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software.

Benefits of a Network Health Check

An annual network health check from CAMS Bluewire provides valuable benefits and solutions for potential issues. A thorough network health check requires a 30-day monitoring process. Knowing where you stand now gives you the control and flexibility to save time and money later.

A detailed report should cover:

  • A professional examination of IT and digital infrastructure, including asset counts and an inventory of physical hardware
  • An assessment of network security vulnerabilities. Even something as simple as infrequently changed and too-simple passwords needlessly expose the company’s data and bank accounts
  • Factors that are dragging down performance, including the status of security patches and antivirus programs
  • The current backup process and safety and availability of backups
  • The status of storage space and its impact on future needs
  • A review of the status of workstations and the operating system’s server

Be Proactive with an IT Health Check

Ask yourself the following five questions.

  • How recent are your last backup and IT network health check?
  • Is your firewall able to provide the level of protection your business needs?
  • Is every element of your computer network protected with professional antivirus and anti-malware software?
  • Are operating system patches and updates a top priority?
  • How secure is your wireless access?
  • Do you have any expansion plans or upcoming special projects?

Don’t worry about the status of your network—get the facts. CAMS Bluewire is a leading IT service provider in Houston, and we offer Houston businesses comprehensive IT support and top-notch cyber security protection. Our dedicated team is focused on tracking and resolving problems long before they become emergencies. Call us today at 346-800-3199 for a free no-obligation IT network health check. Can you afford not to?