Once Office 365 moved to the cloud, many Houston businesses believed that they didn’t need to retain support from their IT service providers anymore. However, this thought is far from the truth, as failure to accurately and responsibly manage the cloud environment can cause severe disruptions in the workplace that most business owners aren’t adequately able to handle on their own. As such, businesses are now starting to turn back to managed IT services to handle their high-maintenance applications. Below are some important reasons your business should consider opting for an Office 365 plan and learn how managed IT services may be helpful.

Value/ Speed Ratio

When solutions like Office come along, it’s important to be aware of the many benefits and advantages that are available. While gains many not necessarily be financial in the beginning, end users can expect to at least be able to use the software without encountering key issues, as well as experience a significant difference in the speed and efficiency of the high-performing software. The true value of managed Office 365 is that businesses can remain productive and free from glitches or program disruptions, knowing that their IT provider has them covered.

Skill Gaps

The idea of cloud-based Office is to hand certain actions over to a skilled and knowledgeable off-site IT team, rather than trying to learn newly advanced systems from scratch. With managed services, it’s easy to shift and upgrade to updated technology without missing a beat. Ultimately, business owners won’t have to worry about trying to develop managed skills for maintaining this vital software.

Getting it Right the First Time

Most performance and availability errors are due to misconfigurations; and a successful Office implementation begins with preliminary configuration. However, the installation must be maintained on an ongoing basis. As much as users believe they can set things up once and leave them alone, it’s impossible to cover every eventuality. Continuous evaluation, support, and adjustments are a crucial way to keep things running; this is what an IT provider like CAMS Bluewire does best.

Good Service Can Pay for Itself

Many businesses look to migrate existing Exchange environments to Office 365 to free up internal resources, and they expect new apps and features to be deployed frequently so they can enable a mobile workforce. With help from professional IT service providers in Houston, clients can pay for managed services by reducing overall application-related spending.

If your business is ready to consider and implement cloud-based Office, contact CAMS Bluewire to learn how managed IT service solutions can help you succeed. Put our professional experience to work for you!

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