There’s nothing worse than not knowing about an impending problem. This is particularly true if preventative measures could have been taken. Remaining unaware of network IT health is like playing Russian roulette with your business.

With Networks, Ignorance is Never Bliss

Sometimes “don’t fix it until it’s broken” makes sense. However, some businesses take that approach with their computer systems. When something breaks, they call a techie to fix it. That approach doesn’t work well with technical equipment and always ends up costing more in the long run.

When a network begins to develop a problem, it can cause a domino effect of cascading issues when “A” affects “B,” which brings down “C” and so on. It can take someone unfamiliar with the system a long time to troubleshoot, track down, and eventually fix all of the problems. It’s always better to be proactive.

Lost Productivity

Every minute that a network is down is lost revenue. Employees are unable to do their jobs, and vendors and customers are impacted. It’s not necessary for a network to be totally down before essential operations are affected.

A Free Network Health Assessment from Bluewire Provides Vital Insight

Bluewire offers free network IT health checks to businesses that truly want to know how well their corporate systems are performing. This is not a 15 minute or 5-day test, but rather, a comprehensive monitoring assessment over a 30-day period. This will provide an objective, detailed assessment of the networking equipment, individual machines, and any other connected devices, made possible by the deployment of a remote access network agent.

An all-inclusive report for the IT health check will be provided when system monitoring has concluded. Factors included in the report will be:

  • Computer performance
  • Status of workstations and operating systems server
  • Status of antivirus software
  • Security patching
  • Available storage space
  • Physical hardware inventory
  • Asset counts

To schedule a network health check, and to learn more about what you need to know concerning your networking system, call 832-699-9950. Bluewire has provided professional IT support to businesses of all types and sizes. When your network is important to your business success, rely on the experts of Bluewire.