The times when business retailers need hosted anti-virus and managed security services the most are on Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays. They are two of the year’s busiest shopping days, and millions will visit stores and go online to buy holiday gifts at substantial savings. Of the two days, Cyber Monday is more concerning because it’s geared towards those making purchases online. With the prevalence of online shopping, it has become imperative for retailers to ensure the security and safety of customers’ financial data. Below are a few ways businesses can benefit from hosted anti-virus and managed security services, and ensure a safer, more pleasant online shopping experience for potential customers.

Education & Awareness

Small business owners and retailers who have hosted anti-virus services and managed security usually get educated and develop a keen awareness of the signs of a cyber-attack. With the helped of managed IT service experts, companies understand the potential threats that try to come against their secured data and information. In turn, they train and educate staff to ensure security throughout the entire network. This way, companies can confirm that all workers are aware of the elevated risk that comes with Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping.

Peace of Mind

While shoppers are logging in to retail sites and placing orders, business owners with managed data security services can relax and focus in on rendering those orders without much concern for constantly monitoring systems for intrusions. As sophisticated hackers try to enter secured data and sales information, they continue to become cleverer with their technique, making it more difficult for companies to stay up to date with ever changing security requirements and regulations. However, there is peace of mind for those with managed anti-virus service, as they learn to leave security in the hands of their managed IT services and support team.

Predictable Cost & Savings

One of the best benefits of hosted anti-virus and managed security services is the predictable fees and consistent monthly billing that companies and small business retailers receive. When cyber security is needed the most, companies can rely on paying the same amount for service as they would any other time of year. Unfortunately, companies that don’t have cyber protective services, or bill out for service only during the Holiday season, end up paying significantly more in service costs and fees.
Cyber security threats are always lurking, but they are especially prevalent on busy shopping days such as Cyber Monday. It is critical that retailers consult with managed IT service companies like Bluewire to obtain hosted anti-virus and managed security services, to ensure cyber security and minimize risk of losing consumer sales. Connect with Bluewire today to get started; call 346-800-3199.