With the help of an IT service company, Houston businesses find they can streamline operations. However, care must be taken when choosing a provider, as these professional companies will be tasked with handling sensitive information for their clients. Business continuity, security measures, and disaster recovery all need to be evaluated as you search for a reliable IT service provider. Companies like CAMS Bluewire in Houston, are available to answer any questions you may have and are readily capable of meeting your IT service needs.

So, what questions should your business ask when choosing an IT service provider in Houston?

  1. What is your downtime percentage?

    Companies cannot afford to be down for any length of time, as competitors can quickly step in and take clients. CAMS Bluewire strives for 100 percent uptime. In the event something does go wrong, clients have a single point of contact and personal 24/7 customer service to get the problem resolved quickly.

  2. Who do you consider to be your ideal client? 

    IT service providers differ in their offerings, thus no one provider can meet the needs of all. At CAMS Bluewire, we understand this and work to provide remote and onsite IT services that meet the unique needs of Houston companies, small to mid-sized, as well as startup businesses. Furthermore, we are pleased to serve multiple industries, and offer any interested company a FREE network and systems health check to determine if we can be of assistance to them, and how.

  3. How are you connected to the internet?

    Companies need to choose a provider with a minimum of two connections to ensure the system remains functioning in the event of an outage. CAMS Bluewire offers the option of server colocation and video surveillance, among other things. In addition, we continually monitor the stability and security of our clients’ hosted IT networks to ensure maximum uptime and improved efficiency.

  4. How would you describe the transition process?

    Companies need to know that help will be available as they adjust to working with a new IT service company. We provide various levels of IT support, along with numerous managed IT service options. Clients choose the one that best meets their needs during and following the transition period.

  5. Do you have other clients in the same industry that would be willing to provide a reference?

    A great IT provider should always be able to answer YES to this question. At CAMS Bluewire, we work with a variety of industries and will be happy to provide references. Industries served include Healthcare, the Energy sector, Accounting/CPA, Manufacturing, and various others!


Have more questions to ask an IT service provider? Don’t hold back! The goal is to obtain optimal IT support for your business, and every provider should be willing to work with potential clients until they feel comfortable. At CAMS Bluewire, we provide services that our Houston clients can rely on; this is what we do! Put our expertise to work for you by getting started today. Contact one of our professional sales consultants at 346-800-3199; or contact us online!