Energy Industry: Functional IT Service Areas

Due Diligence

In our 17+ years in business, Bluewire has transitioned over 50 power generation facilities across the United States. We have worked with some of the largest private equity firms as well as private energy companies.

As part of a successful transition, due diligence is an important exercise we will perform, in order to make a facility transition successful, on time, and under budget.

The due diligence process that Bluewire will perform will produce:

  • Current state of the asset
  • Hardware and Software in use
  • Information with regard to the data asset being transitioned
  • All connectivity, leases, vendors and recurring costs
  • Gap Analysis
  • Cost analysis of operating, supporting and maintaining IT related systems

Transition Services

The PSA is signed, due diligence is complete, it is time to transition your power generation facility!

The clock is running and time is of the essence. Now is not the time to wonder if you made the right choice in IT companies. Bluewire is highly experienced with these time sensitive transactions. We understand all of the moving pieces, the challenges, and the milestones to deliver a successful transition service. At this point, we are gathering business data, historical emails, renewing licensing, and connecting all the pieces together to insure business continuity for a successful tomorrow.

Ongoing IT Support – Steady State

Congratulations! We achieved a successful transition and move to a steady state of IT support operations.

The dust has settled, the power generation facility is producing and this new chapter is just beginning for the new owner. Bluewire doesn’t stop here. Operations now shift to a steady state and our premier IT support team takes over daily operations for the facility. Our team of experienced IT support technicians will assist all of your companies IT support needs through our cutting edge management and monitoring tools.

CIP Remediation – Let’s get compliant!

Low or medium impact facility? Let the Bluewire and CAMS compliance team insure that your facilities are NERC/FERC  compliant.

Ingress and egress connectivity to your control network is imperative to maintain. With significant increases across the board, cyber attacks are on the rise and you must protect control systems from these types of attacks. Everyone is now a target. Don’t let preventable incidents propagate into a huge financial impact of lost time, fines, equipment damage, or downtime. 

When you combine the services of Bluewire Technology with our parent company CAMS ,we offer a complete soup to nuts solution for any energy asset that includes

  • Asset Management
  • Accounting
  • Transition Services
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Exploration and Production
  • Construction and Deconstruction
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Corrosion Engineering and Pipeline Integrity