Managed Services & IT Support (MSS)

What is Bluewire’s Managed Services & IT Support (MSS) Package?

Bluewire’s (MSS) Managed Service and IT Support solution offers a simple and easy way for small and medium sized businesses to simplify and manage IT costs. MSS is our all-inclusive, flat fee, monthly cost structured service that provides any size and type of business with the core software and support needed to maintain a secure and productive environment.

Our company mission is to focus on customer service and take a proactive approach to client support. Bluewire doesn’t just contact clients only when there’s a problem; our team of experts takes service a step further, by providing personalized, ongoing support and monthly report updates for every managed services client.

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Core Benefits of Managed Services & Support

Bluewire’s (MSS) Managed Service and IT Support solution is our most popular IT support package. Managed Service and IT Support offers companies full access to the services and products they need anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s for a startup business, or for a more established company, the Managed Services and IT Support package offers unprecedented value. The MSS solution is also comprehensive, including antivirus software, data repository, unlimited support, management, and monitoring all for a single monthly fee.

The core benefits of MSS include:

  • Unlimited amount of monthly supported incidents for covered users and devices-
  • One flat fee for all of your IT incidents
  • Remote and Onsite
  • Service Level Agreement
  • WireSync license plus 10GB storage per covered user-
  • Data is backed-up automatically
  • 256 AES encryption
  • Delete retention and recovery
  • Revision Control
  • Unlimited guest accounts
  • HIPPA PCI Compliant
  • Access data from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Managed Anti-Virus software-
  • Cloud based enterprise management
  • No onsite servers required
  • No need to manage licensing
  • Remote Monitoring and Patch Management-
  • We keep your machines patched and secure
  • 350+ Microsoft best practices built into our monitoring system
  • Instant information for troubleshooting
  • Monthly Reporting-
  • Executive Level monthly network health reports
  • Reviewed with you monthly
  • Asset and budget planning
  • Simple and predictable monthly billing-
  • No surprise bills
  • Easy IT budgeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager white glove service-
  • Single point of contact
  • Personal 24/7 customer service

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Companies starting today will receive immediate Managed Services Support. Send an email or call the Bluewire office right away. Once a request is received, an account manager will call to ask for additional information and schedule a visit if required. Most requests can be handled remotely, which saves trip charges and reduces fulfillment time. If you are a current business client of Bluewire, you can call or email us today to upgrade your company’s current IT support, or get started with the MSS package. Don’t wait!

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